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Postdoctoral Researcher

  • Martha Kandziora

    The key motivation for my research is to understand what drives speciation and how biodiversity is maintained, with a focus on the roles of spatial, historical and ecological processes. I use phylogentic methods to investigate how diversity is generated and maintained mostly focusing on flowering plants. Currently, in the McTavish Lab I program a tool to automatically update phylogenies.

Graduate Students

  • Jasper Toscani Field

    Jasper is a second year graduate student in Quantitative and Systems Biology. He is interested in evolutionary dynamics of disease genomics and what we’re actually doing with all the biological sequence data we generate. He currently works on a program that can rapidly update genome-scale phylogenies with new, related taxa. This method is being applied to gonorrhea data in collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Jasper previously worked on the phylogenomics of avian blood parasites at San Francisco State University.

  • Lesly Lopez

    Lesly Lopez is a second year graduate student in Quantitative and Systems Biology. She is involved in the NRT Training Program in Intelligent Adaptive Systems at UC Merced. She is interested in the development and application of statistical methods to detect gene flow, specifically localized gene flow. She also studies assessing biases that could affect the performance of these methods.

Previous lab members:

Rotation students

  • Yumary Vasquez

    Yumary Vasquez is a first year graduate student in the Quantitative and Systems Biology program. She is broadly interested in computational biology and evolution. Her system of choice is insects because of the amazing evolutionary work that can be studied, but she personally hates bugs.

Undergraduate Researchers

  • Michael Decicco
  • Ashley Marin
  • Alejandra Morales
  • Gurshaan Nagra

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